The Cheltenham Leaseholders Forum is a voluntary and fully constituted group of leaseholders who meet regularly to make
sure that CBC leaseholders are getting the best possible standards of service from Cheltenham Borough Homes. 
Established in 1999 the Leaseholders' Forum aim to represent leaseholders' interests to CBH and CBC and to bring
leaseholder issues to your attention

We meet regularly as a committee but also hold open Forum meetings on a bi-monthly basis. All CBC leaseholders
are welcome to attend these meetings. Our meetings are usually held at the Municipal Offices in the Promenade,
at 6.00pm. We also write a regular newsletter for all CBC leaseholders the latest copy of which can be found on the
Leaseholders Link page.
We have been in existence since 1999, when we were set up by the manager of the community involvement team,
to assist the many leaseholders in the Cheltenham Borough Council area. CBH advise us on many leasehold issues. 
We are here to support all CBC leaseholders on every day leaseholder issues.